If you want to make teaching astronomy or Earth science easier with an amazing immersive 3D environment, you have come to exactly the right place.

Our Digitarium® digital planetarium system brand is the market leader world wide. We now have well over 500 Digitarium systems spread across the globe, more than any other brand. Experience one of our systems in person, and you will see why.

Our Digitarium systems stand apart in a number of critical areas:

Best Usability

Our unique remote control and Universal Console™ iPad or desktop interfaces are the easiest to learn and use. Spend more time focused on your students rather than your system.

Lowest Training Costs

Due to its excellent usability, no special operator training is required other than reading our user-friendly manuals. Our free lesson plans get you started teaching right away.

Fast Setup

With our portable systems, setup and takedown only take a few minutes.


Our systems are designed and assembled in the United States to our exacting standards. We use only our own proprietary fisheye projection lenses for the highest quality projection. We develop our own simulation software to meet your needs.

Real World Experience

Our innovations are grounded upon a unique blend of technical expertise and real-world astronomy education experience. We helped create the portable digital planetarium market and have continued to innovate our hardware and software features. Key staff have overseen planetariums and we operate an on-site planetarium for our local community. We know what's important, and what works.

We're Here for You

Have questions or need help with your sytem? Dedicated US support staff can assist you by phone or email.

Best Value

No other systems come close to matching our unique combination of usability, features, projection quality, product support, and affordable pricing. Compare the competition in person and see this value for yourself.

See one!

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Outreach Warrior Special
For a limited time, get a Digitarium Iota and Digitalis 5m dome on sale!

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New Zeta Basic Option
A lower cost, lighter, but more limited Digitarium Zeta Portable configuration will be available shortly.

All systems now include a license for a complete set of PASS Curricula for Digitarium Systems. These are expected to ship in mid-2015 and include Augmented Lessons ideal for use with our Universal Console interface.

Nightshade NG Professional Dome Preview is now available to select Digitarium users.

Nightshade NG Preview Release 3 is now available.

Announcing the Digitarium Delta 3, our enhanced entry-level system.

Announcing the Digitarium Iota, the world's smallest turnkey planetarium system.

Coming soon: The Digitarium Æthos for fixed domes is a large jump in resolution (2.5k) at a fraction of the typical expense.

Digitalis inflatable domes now include StayFLATE™ technology and stay inflated indefinitely even with the door open and unattended.

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