What does a Digitarium projection actually look like? Below you will find unretouched digital fisheye photographs of actual dome projection for:

Please bear in mind that a camera and the human eye differ so this can only be an approximation, and cameras lenses have their own quality issues. Note that your monitor calibration, your browser rendering, and the compression in these image files will also affect the visual appearance of these images.

These photos were all taken inside our 6m fiberglass fixed dome (Digitarium Æthos, Kappa, and Zeta photos) or a Digitalis 5m inflatable dome. Click on an image for a larger view.

Once you click on an image thumbnail to view the image you can move your mouse over the larger image to zoom in to full resolution and pan around the image.

Digitarium Æthos 2.5k Projection Photos

These photos were taken projecting a preview release of Nightshade NG Professional on a 2.5k pixel diameter center-mount Æthos system.

Digitarium Kappa Projection Photos

Shuttle photograph credit: GeoGraphics Imaging.

Digitarium Zeta Projection Photos

Digitarium Epsilon Projection Photos

Digitarium Gamma Projection Photos

The Earth as seen from the Moon

Digitarium Delta 1 Projection Photos