Our Digitarium Æthos 2.5k (AY-thos) system is our highest resolution digital planetarium system to date.

Digitalis is well known for its best-selling single fisheye systems. We are now bringing our philosophy to a multi-projector system with our same focus on ease of use, quality, support, and educational integrity. Æthos hides most of the complexity and headaches of a multi-projector system so that you can focus on your audiences rather than your equipment.

Æthos projection/Nightshade NG lunar simulation.


  • 2.5k pixel diameter full dome projection for stunning detail.
  • Proprietary custom Digitalis projection lenses for superb projection quality.
  • Two professional grade, factory matched Barco 2560x1600 DLP projectors for reliability and performance, with visualization color wheels for enhanced color reproduction.
  • Physical masking for the darkest possible black level.
  • For fixed domes up 60 feet / 18 meters in diameter.

See Æthos fulldome projection photos.

Æthos projection/Nightshade NG earth simulation.


  • Elegant secure enclosure takes up only 30 inches /(76 cm) at dome center.
  • Integral fisheye camera for automated image alignment.
  • Operator's console desk including integral equipment rack.
  • Whisper quiet rendering server with add-on data bays for massive expandability. No costly climate-controlled server room required!


  • Powered by Nightshade NG Professional from Digitalis. Currently in Beta release.
  • Patented calibration software automates image alignment, compressing hours of tedious manual work into about three minutes.
  • Universal Console software license—coming soon for Nightshade NG.


  • Desktop PC with Universal Console interactive interface license.
  • Dome view monitor showing live fulldome view of the dome.
  • Unique Digitarium backlit remote controls.
  • Apple iPad with Universal Console interactive interface license.
  • Wireless gamepad controller for smooth exploration of the universe.


Expanded data sets included:

  • High resolution surface imagery data for Earth (15mpp), Mars, Moon, Mercury, Europa, etc.
  • High resolution surface topography data for Earth, Mars, Moon
Optional add-on data set shown.


Optional Items

  • Dome repainting for digital projection
  • Fixed dome construction
  • LED cove lighting controllable through the Universal Console interface
  • Professional audio systems
  • Theater control systems
  • Show production suite
  • Digitarium outreach or test projection system
  • Maintenance contract
  • Priority support contract
  • Fulldome shows
  • Additional fulldome clip libraries
  • Priority Support extended support options.
  • And more...

Please contact us for more information.


U.S. package price is $190k USD, an exceptional value for this resolution and quality.

Other Included Items

Please contact us if you want to work around an existing starball system.