Software update information for the Digitarium OP1 operating platform.

Release DateUpdate DetailsApproximate Size
May 11, 2009 Changes for this update include:
  • New update server. You know you are using the new server if you see a blue startburst pattern when running an update. Otherwise, try again.
March 9, 2009 Changes for this update include:
  • Constellations for Sami culture (collected by Jonas Persson)
  • Color artwork for western and Inuit constellations (coloring by Erasmo Sesena)
  • Minor bug fixes
August 26, 2008 Changes for this update include:
  • Added Eris and Ceres dwarf planets
  • More solar system moons with orbit visualizations
  • Manual zoom out when in manual zoom mode
  • Go to currently selected planet feature
  • Add solar system bodies from scripts
  • Rings for Uranus
  • More accurate rings for Saturn
  • Cardinal points match IAU definition on retrograde rotation planets
  • Fixed support for ext2 USB drives
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
May 1, 2008 Changes for this update include:
  • Changes to M45 image
April 7, 2008 Changes for this update include:
  • Performance improvement for media browser interface
March 25, 2008 Changes for this update include:
  • More intuitive media browser interface
  • Ability to turn light travel time correction on or off
  • New M45 photograph
  • New Rhea texture
  • Updated annual motion standard script
  • Adds "visit the moon" standard script
  • Bug fixes
2.9 MB
September 17, 2007
  • Added Norse constellations
  • Added Thai translation
  • Updated translations for the following languages: es fr id nb sv tr
March 28, 2007
  • Significant improvements to starfield realism, including light pollution simulation feature
  • Multiple constellations can be selected at one time
  • Video playback can now be scripted
  • Quickly reload you default settings with two button presses
  • Choose between calendar day or sidereal day time step buttons
  • Inuit constellation art by Johan Meuris
  • Standard script to view the solar system from above
  • Bug fixes
February 27, 2007
  • Improved moon texture and earth shadow.
February 26, 2007
  • Updates world timezone rules, including changes this year to daylight saving dates in North America.
November 16, 2006
  • More realistic Earth as viewed from other planets
  • Adds more translations
  • Bug fixes
3.2 MB
October 19, 2006
  • Corrected French constellation translations
250 KB
October 16, 2006 This is a large update and will take some time to download.
  • Show the sky from other planets and moons or above the solar system
  • More solar system moons
  • Constellation boundaries
  • Translations for sky labels and the configuration menu for over 40 languages
  • Colors can be customized for labels and lines
  • Added Inuit and Lakota sky cultures
  • New pine forest landscape
  • Tri-state toggles replaced with a shift button (see the latest Digitarium Software User Manual)
17 MB
May 12, 2006
  • Increases available audio amplification levels for systems with serial numbers begining with 102.
March 20, 2006
  • All supported languages now have correct cardinal point translations (some were defaulting to English).
100 KB
January 9, 2006
  • Added direct random access capability for multi-media
  • Moved volume controls to the "-7" and "+7" buttons
50 KB
December 28, 2005
  • Added Navajo constellation line drawings
  • Improved media browser interface
  • Bug fixes
1 MB
November 30, 2005
  • More nebula images
  • Bug fix
3 MB
October 31, 2005
  • More detailed Milky Way image
October 3, 2005
  • Meridian can be displayed alone (use azimuthal grid button)
  • Nebula labels can be limited by magnitude (see menu item 5.6)
  • Cursor can be set to timeout. Recommended for maximizing realism. (See menu item 5.8)
  • Various bug fixes.
1.2 MB
August 31, 2005 The biggest change with this release is the addition of a scripting feature which allows the playback of recorded actions. Scripts can even include a sound track for a complete prerecorded show. See menu item 6.1 for some simple and useful example scripts to run.

Other changes include:

  • Star distances are displayed along with magnitude
  • Lunar eclipses
  • Chinese and Egyptian constellations
  • Additional sky label languages
  • Additional star names
  • Dates wrap around when setting the time in the menu
  • Milky Way intensity can be adjusted
  • Various bug fixes.
1.5 MB
July 12, 2005
  • Fixed bug that prevented tiff format images from drawing.
June 16, 2005
  • Cardinal points are now translated for the sky language selected
  • Date display format can now be changed from configuration menu (item 2.6)
  • French and Spanish planet names now have accented characters
May 24, 2005 Smoother cursor acceleration.  
April 6, 2005
  • DSOs are now loaded in the background for significantly faster startup.
  • When using non-point objects, the final sizes can be scaled to your preference. See menu item 5.3.
February 14, 2005 Minor bug fixes with the media browser.  
January 25, 2005 Please note that this update is a little larger than most, and will take longer to download.

New features:

  • More realistic meteor showers.
  • Added two new landscape options.
  • Atmosphere darkening during solar eclipses (experimental).
Bug fixes:
  • Planet trails didn't always begin drawing immediately.
  • Zoom on Pluto was too close.
November 4, 2004 New features:
  • Planet trails: view the paths of the planets against the stars. Great for highlighting retrograde motion. Press ecliptic button once to turn on the ecliptic, a second time to turn on planet trails, again to turn off both. As time passes the trails grow out to 60 days in length. Zooming one level while in manual zoom mode allows great views centered on a particular planet.
  • Precession of the Equinoxes: For easiest viewing, use the number buttons to enter years into the Set Time : Sky Time menu item. Note that when entering BCE years, due to the year zero, 4 BCE = -3, 20 BCE = -19, etc.
  • Magnitude object sizing: To better display magnitude differences between objects, you can choose to use more than one pixel per star or planet in a full-sky view. This makes star and constellation identification easier. See the Effects : Object Sizing Rule menu item. You should also adjust the Stars : Star Magnitude Multiplier to your liking after this change.

Bug fixes:

  • Daylight savings time wasn't being handled correctly.
  • You could get stuck by hitting the media mode button quickly and repeatedly.
  • Atmosphere (when on) would sometimes flash white.
October 18, 2004 Pointer acceleration is now corrected for the speed of your infrared receiver. Please let us know what you think.  
October 11, 2004 Improved pointer acceleration. Pointer travels for a longer period of time now before jumping to a faster speed.


  • You don't usually have to be exactly over an object to select it, just close.
  • If you are near an object you want to select, but are afraid of accelerating past it, you can let go and repress the pointer button before the acceleration timer kicks in. (The timer is reset each time you press a pointer button.)
October 4, 2004 The most visible improvement with this update is the addition of a second set of constellation artwork. These illustrations, covering all 88 constellations, were generously created for Stellarium by Johan Meuris. These can be accessed through the General : Sky Culture menu item.

Other changes include more accurate positioning of the Galilean moons and the great red spot, adjustments to planet rotational alignments, and a smoother atmosphere fade function.

September 21, 2004 Adjusted Milky Way alignment.  
September 2, 2004 Added more constellation art around the Summer Triangle.  
August 30, 2004 This update contains a number of improvements and notable new features:
  • Added polynesian constellations (see "General" menu section)
  • Added Spanish, French, and Hawaiian sky labels (see "General" menu section)
  • Added drawing of planet orbits (press planet label button an additional time)
  • Added atmosphere fade on/off
  • Improved constellation art fade on/off
  • Changed cursor to cross-hair style
  • Made horizon text easier to read with atmosphere on
  • Manual zoom-in allows button to be held down continuously while zooming
August 10, 2004 Added manual zoom option for slower, user controlled zoom-in (see the Effects section of the configuration menu).
Added ability to adjust sky centering if needed (see the Administration section of the configuration menu).
August 6, 2004 Each time you update your system via the internet the hardware clock is now set to the current date and time.  
July 29, 2004 If one hit the backlight button, then another button, and then the same button again while the backlight was still on, it would not accept your command. This did not affect all buttons, but has been fixed.  
July 6, 2004 Support for unencrypted video DVDs added.

If you get a dependency error message, run the update function once more to completely install this update.

NOTE: Arrow buttons are used to navigate media and DVD menus.

June 30, 2004 When moving directly from one video with audio to another video the second audio track wouldn't play.  
June 29, 2004
  • Leaving meteor showers on would eventually cause stellarium to restart.
  • Editing sky time would not allow hour, minute, or second value to be zero.
  • Editing sky time did not account for daylight savings.