Software update information for the Digitarium OP2B operating platform.

Note: OP2B replaced OP2 on April 3, 2012. This free upgrade brought OP2 systems up to parity with all more recent Digitarium operating platforms, other than hardware dependent features.

Release DateUpdate DetailsApproximate Size
April 3, 2014
  • Added support for galactic coordinate system spherical images.
March 4, 2014
  • Support for geocentric spherical images, useful for celestial navigation lessons.
  • Correction for Haumea moons location.
  • Updated Polish and Japanese translations.
February 3, 2014
  • Higher resolution Mercury imagery
  • Updated named moons of Pluto
  • M1 distance correction
  • Updated orbital parameters for Makemake and Haumea. Added more moons of the dwarf planets.
  • Updated Great Red Spot location on Jupiter
  • Completed Hevelius sky culture
  • Added a Reset Factory Defaults item to the configuration menu.
  • Updated Korean and Spanish translations.
November 14, 2012
  • Hide cursor when play video from a script
  • Do not draw cursor when leave TUI
April 3, 2012 Launch. Changes from OP2:
  • Streamlined update to be up to 75% faster and provide more feedback during the process
  • Added more built in scripts
  • Added galactic coordinate grid
  • Added comet magnitude simulation
  • Added "wait until" script feature
  • Smoother orbit positions at slow time rates
  • Extended star catalog to 11.5 million stars (Nomad catalog).
  • Added support for MPEG-4 video
  • Extended simulation time to years +/- 1,000,000.
  • Added star proper motion.
  • Revamped nebula images and data and added distance information.
  • Improved light pollution adjustment control (naked eye limiting magnitude).
  • User loaded Milky Way textures are now used at full intensity by default.
  • Added more solar system bodies.
  • Added support for large MPEG-2 video file resolutions.
  • Command "set milky_way_texture" finalized for scripting spherical images
  • Circumpolar circle command
  • Smoother orbit visualizations
  • Improved Milky Way texture
  • Precession circle color is now configurable
  • Added TUI item to adjust flight duration between bodies
  • Flight between bodies is now the default
  • Improved Theora video codec support.
  • Added clouds, night lights, and ring and moon shadows (for supporting hardware) for more realistic planet rendering.
  • Extended image format support
  • Better support for negative Julian dates
  • Inca sky culture (constellations without stars)
  • Earth precession circle
  • Tropic lines on Earth and other planets
  • More fluid body motions
  • New mountain landscape
  • Correct printing of right-to-left and cursive languages such as Arabic
  • More language translations
  • Added Aztec sky culture with art by Enrique G√≥mez Candelario
  • New line width and line antialiasing options
  • Smaller daytime Sun halo with atmosphere on
  • Body orbits fade as body enters/leaves view
  • New "sky_culture" StratoScript command to load custom sky cultures from a script
  • New "nebula" StratoScript command to supplement or replace built in nebulae images using a script
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Updated ephemeris algorithms.
  • Added Hindu sky culture, courtesy of Vikas Nautiyal.
  • Constellation boundaries are now defined per culture.
  • Text menu provides feedback when an action is performed.
  • Improved azimuthal grid labels.
  • Added support for partial sphere and cylindrical landscapes.
  • Added rotation parameter for spherical and fisheye landscapes.
  • Added support for day/night landscape images, such as for cityscapes.
  • Added support for mipmapped landscapes.
  • Replaced forest landscape.
  • Added new beach landscape.
  • Enables output on a variety of video ports for easier use with a monitor.
  • Updated translations.
  • Various bug fixes.