Reach for the Stars!

A Unique Opportunity

Use U.S. COVID-19 funds to invest in a powerful STEAM educational tool that will benefit your school community for years to come.


Teach astronomy, Earth science, biology, ecology, physics, chemistry, geography, social science, and much, much more with your Digitarium system.

For All Ages

Digital flexibility enables you to use your Digitarium system with all grades, as well as for Family Science Nights, summer school, before and after school programs, etc.


Use your Digitarium system in a dome to provide an immersive experience that will excite and engage students. The 4D dome environment (space + time) makes astronomy education more intuitive, effective, and engaging than a 2D surface.


Our uniquely intuitive user interfaces minimize training and practice time. You don’t have to be an expert to get started teaching with a Digitarium system.

Join a Global Community

There are over 800 Digitarium systems around the world, more than any other digital planetarium brand. Our exclusive free Digitalis Community site enables our users to share content and ideas directly with each other.

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