Digitarium® Digital Planetarium Systems

A Digitarium® system is a full-dome digital projector with integrated planetarium and media display software, all easily controlled with an innovative backlit remote control. We currently offer a range of models for fixed or portable domes up to 60 feet/18 meters in diameter.

Live, scripted, or full dome video shows are all easy with Digitarium systems!

Digitalis® Portable Domes

Do you need a portable dome for your Digitarium? We offer Digitalis® portable domes in a range of sizes. We have designed these domes from the fabric up specifically to meet the demands of digital projection.

Planetarium Accessories

Shop online for accessories for your planetarium or astronomy activities. Check out our exclusive kid-friendly LED light pointer (no LASER!) and our light up pens for writing in the dark without ruining your night vision!

Nightshade® Astronomy Simulator Software

We use and help develop Nightshade® planetarium software. This is a great educational tool for exploring the night sky and astronomy in a close to photo-realistic environment. Nightshade Legacy runs on Windows, Linux, etc. and is free, open source software.

Free Planetarium Lesson Plans

Astronomy educators with any type of planetarium should find our free set of original astronomy lessons useful.

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