Product Overview

The Digitarium® Elevator Mount is a simple add on option in a fixed dome that allows a single lens Digitarium digital planetarium system to raise and lower at the touch of a button.

The main reasons to use an elevator mount:

  • If you want to keep an existing starball in the center of your dome, you can place the elevator next to that system. Raise the Digitarium system up when desired, and lower to use your starball without any blockages. The off-center distortion correction features in our Digitarium systems will adjust starfields and media for an offset of up to approximately 30% of the dome radius.
  • If you want an easy installation option that does not require constructing a mounting platform at a precise height. As long as the ideal lens height for your dome will be within the extension range, you can just mount the elevator base to the floor or existing platform and do the final adjustment with your remote control!


  • Easy up and down operation with a handheld remote control
  • Almost silent operation
  • Smooth start and stop motion
  • Can memorize upper travel limit for perfect placement each time
  • Easy locked door access to components inside the base (such as the planetarium control computer)
  • Does not prevent normal Digitarium system remote control use
  • Designed to mount to a floor or platform

Specs Digitarium Lambda Digitarium Lambda Plus
Under 2300 watts (including Digitarium Lambda planetarium system components)
120 VAC version: 19.2 A, 60 Hz
230 VAC version: 10 A, 50Hz
Under 2300 watts (including Digitarium Lambda Plus planetarium system components)
120 VAC version: 19.2 A, 60 Hz
230 VAC version: 10 A, 50Hz
Approximate Dimensions
23 x 13 x 62.6-88.6” (58.4 x 33 x 159-225cm) 23 x 13 x 68-94” (58.4 x 33 x 173-239 cm)
Approximate Weight**
230 pounds (104 kg) when fully installed. 250 pounds (113 kg) when fully installed.

*Please specify your voltage when ordering.

**Weight includes all Digitarium planetarium system components.

Includes three year limited warranty and free technical support for the life of your system.

Please note: System installation is simple enough that you can perform this yourself. Alternately, system installation services can be purchased through Digitalis. Please use our purchase page for information on how to order.