Earth simulation.

Nightshade is simulation and visualization software for teaching and exploring astronomy, Earth science, and related topics.

Our emphasis is on usability, realism, feature stability, and performance. Nightshade is largely backward compatible with scripts for Stellarium 0.8.2 and earlier using the StratoScript™ language developed and maintained by Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc.

Nightshade NG (Next Generation)

Digitalis leads development of Nightshade NG, which is run under an open model where any user can submit a bug report, feature request, and otherwise get involved. Our project site is:

Digitarium systems ship with Nightshade NG. Check out some feature highlights.

  • Nightshade NG was a complete rewrite from the ground up which threw out the limitations inherited from earlier projects in favor of advanced features supported by cutting-edge simulation techniques.
  • Commercially licensed editions for dome use are exclusive to Digitarium hardware:
    • Nightshade NG Professional
    • Nightshade NG Basic

Nightshade NG Basic is a budget version with more limited features, as shown below.

Feature Basic Professional
Supports add-on terrain data sets
3D model support Built-in models only.
Travel within the Solar System
Fly to stars
Fly to volumetric nebulae models
Travel outside the Milky Way Galaxy
Volumetric Milky Way Galaxy model
Sloan Digital Sky Survey galaxy 3D dataset
Data Console tab in the Universal Console with
curated planetary and sky survey datasets.

Soundscape adaptive soundtracks
Required for digital audio support  

Test screenshot of Earth sunset, Nightshade NG development. Test screenshot of Europa, Nightshade NG development.