Earth simulation.

Nightshade is simulation and visualization software for teaching and exploring astronomy, Earth science, and related topics.

Our emphasis is on usability, realism, feature stability, and performance. Nightshade is largely backward compatible with scripts for Stellarium 0.8.2 and earlier using the StratoScript™ language developed and maintained by Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. Our project site is

Nightshade G3

Digitalis develops Nightshade under an open model where any user can submit a bug report, feature request, and otherwise get involved. Digitarium systems ship with our latest software generation, Nightshade G3. Check out some feature highlights.

Commercially licensed editions for dome use are exclusive to Digitalis:

A budget conscious edition with full multimedia support and the ability to present planetarium sky shows from the Earth's surface.


A mid-range option, adding Augmented Lessons, scripting, and the ability to travel around the Solar System and explore other worlds.


Our most advanced software package, adding state of the art functionality and enabling exploration out to the edge of the known universe.

Earth sunset, Nightshade. Europa, Nightshade.

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