We have added another layer of sensory engagement to portable dome education with our groundbreaking Portable Dome Surround Sound System.

Our surround sound system is intuitive and easy to use. One small control panel plugs into your Digitarium and 5 speakers extend around the dome from the subwoofer at the center to create the ultimate surround sound experience. The speakers' custom enclosures are built to blend in seamlessly with Digitalis Inflatable domes , to truly create an immersive environment.

Our Portable Surround Sound System will enable you to engage audience in a way that has never before been possible with possible with portable dome setups. The system packs into a single custom wheeled transit case with an extendable handle for easy storage and transport.


Compatible with
Digitarium CU-1
110-120VAC, 60Hz, 1A
FCC Class B,

Purchasing Information

US system price: $3,500

Please use our purchase page for ordering instructions. Outside the US contact a local dealer for pricing.