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2020-07-10 / Rob Spearman / Data Console

The Data Console provides easy and intuitive access to dozens of curated datasets on planetary science and astronomy topics. Digitarium digital planetarium systems with Nightshade NG Professional include the Data Console in the Universal Console interface.

In the video above, a fisheye view of the planetarium dome is shown at left. At lower right is our Universal Console interface being run on an iPad tablet.

Datasets include static and time series data. A sky survey of the entire celestial sphere in the infrared band is an example of static imagery. Earthquake events shown as they happen over the years is an example of a time series dataset.

Datasets are included in multiple categories, such as Air, Land, Life, Magnetism, etc. Datasets can be shown for multiple planets or the sky (sky surveys in different wavelengths). Dataset sources include NOAA's Science on a Sphere project and other sources.

The Data Console makes it easy to cover more show topics, particularly Earth science. The best part is that you do not have to search for and format data sets on your own. Our data selection will continue to grow as we add more and different types of datasets.

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Rob is President and co-founder of Digitalis. He spends his time between product development and management responsibilties.

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