A Lambda installation with work lights on showing dome.

Whether you are upgrading an existing dome or considering building a new one, we offer a unique value proposition of usability, features, projection quality, product support, and affordable total cost of ownership.

We offer two options for fixed or semi-fixed domes:

We have solutions if you would like to keep an existing analog starball, but add digital projection. Another option is to switch between classroom and planetarium in the same room without blocking sight lines for either use.

As well as providing projection systems, we can be your one stop for all your needs through our highly regarded partners. We can provide integrated planetarium specific LED cove lighting and audio systems, theater control systems, and even new dome construction or dome cleaning/repainting.

Please contact us for a solution customized to your needs.

Solutions at a Glance

(Pixel Diameter)
Starting at
Maximum Dome Diameter
Digitarium Lambda 2 Fixed
Our highest resolution single-projector system.
2400Contact us.13.6m / 45 ft
Æthos Systems
Multi-projector cove or center mounted systems.
Up to 8kVariesMost domes

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