Portable Planetarium Systems

Digitarium® Portable Systems

Digitarium portable planetarium systems allow you to take the wonders of astronomy on the road—or to simply stow them in a closet when you don't need them.

Set up a Digitarium portable system and a Digitalis inflatable dome in a gym for an instant planetarium. Portability and ease of set up and use allow you to share one system and its cost with other area groups.

From the moment you open the transit case until the sky is projected on the dome takes only a couple of minutes. Takedown requires about the same amount of time.

Imagine the Possibilites

Imagine having your own easy to use, full-featured planetarium at your disposal. Avoid the headache and expense of organizing a fieldtrip to an off-site planetarium. You can use your projector as often as you need to cover your subject matter fully, and you can tailor your lessons to your students.

Digital technology makes these systems significantly more powerful than analog ("pinhole") portable 'planetariums' you may be familiar with, such as old-school cylinder systems. Think of the power of a computer versus a slide projector.

Models at a Glance

(Pixel Diameter)
Starting at
Projector Weight
Digitarium Mu
Smallest portable.
2160$25,60025 lbs.
(11.4 kg)
Digitarium Theta 3
Our brightest portable.
2160$31,30042.6 lbs.
(19.4 kg)

Estos precios no incluyen una cúpula, requerimiento necesario para el uso del sistema. Compra una cúpula Digitalis con tu sistema y recibe un paquete de descuento de $1,000.

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