Digitarium SkyBox

Don't let a pandemic stop your work.

Stream astronomy and Earth science lessons to your students. Get development and training work done. Raise awareness and support for a full planetarium system, aided by our generous trade-in program.

The next best thing...

The Digitarium SkyBox is an easily portable planetarium control computer with video capture hardware designed to complement or substitute for a physical fulldome planetarium.


Immerse, enthrall.

Use the same 3D simulation software that drives our professional planetarium systems. All controls are offscreen so that they do not distract from your presentation.

Fly live & interactive.

Digitarium systems are renowned for their ability to be operated live, allowing you to adapt to the needs of your students on the fly.

Meet Standards.

Use the included Augmented Lessons, or design programs to meet your specific needs. The strong astronomy and Earth science capabilities in a 3D simulation are at your control to make this happen.

Reach anywhere.

Show on a monitor, project on a flat screen, or stream direct to your students of almost any age.

Easy tech.

Compatible with Zoom or other streaming services as an ordinary USB camera device. Embedded OS does not require IT resources.

Share easily.

Custom shoulder bag to eaily move or share between different educators, even across different schools.

Already have a Digitarium planetarium?

Free your dome.

Your SkyBox will mirror your existing planetarium licenses for a full practice, development, and test environment you can use almost anywhere.

100% Compatible.

Because SkyBox hardware is actually used in many of our full planetarium systems, you have no compatibility worries with media, scripts, Augmented Lessons, etc.

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