Our software is not just a tool, it is your journey through the universe.

With a digital simulator, software is key to everything you can do and how easily you can do it. Digitalis was founded by the combination of a planetarium director with a passion for live, interactive teaching and a software architect with a keen interest in usability. Our software is key to what makes our systems so special.

We have organized our software into three packages:


A budget conscious edition with full multimedia support and the ability to present planetarium sky shows from the Earth's surface.


A mid-range option, adding Augmented Lessons, scripting, and the ability to travel around the Solar System and explore other worlds.


Our most advanced software package, adding state of the art functionality and enabling exploration out to the edge of the known universe.

Feature Differences

Feature Starter Basic Professional
Nightshade G3 simulation software Starter Edition Basic Edition Professional Edition
Universal Console interface Starter Edition Basic Edition Professional Edition
User interfaces include remote control, gamepad, tablet or other device (Universal Console)
Can simulate view from any location on Earth
Can zoom in anywhere like a telescope
Can zoom to Digitized Sky Survey imagery
Sloan Digital Sky Survey 3D galaxy dataset As seen from the Earth As seen from the Solar System
Show images and videos anywhere on the dome including perspective, fulldome, and 360 content
3D model support Built-in only Built-in only
Play StratoScript scripts  
Augmented Lesson support  
Participate in Domecasts  
Supports add-on terrain datasets including topography  
Includes Solar System Collection high resoution planetary datasets.  
Includes Whole Earth high resoution planetary datasets.   Option
Travel anywhere within the Solar System  
Fly to stars    
Fly to volumetric nebulae models    
Travel outside the Milky Way Galaxy    
Scientifically accurate volumetric Milky Way Galaxy model    
Scientifically accurate volumetric Local Group Galaxy models (includes Milky Way, M31, M33, SMC, LMC)    
Data Console tab in the Universal Console with curated planetary, sky survey, and point cloud datasets. Includes almost-live satellite weather imagery.    
Use the Universal Console to record, edit, and compose StratoScript scripts with syntax highlighting and auto-completion features.    
Use the Universal Console to reorganize/delete/restore your internal directories and files on the fly.    
Use the Universal Console to easily edit or develop your own Augmented Lessons.    
Soundscape adaptive soundtracks    

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