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A planetarium helps students grasp abstract astronomical concepts and can spark enjoyment and interest in science. Digitarium digital planetarium systems stand out in price and performance, putting a full-featured planetarium within reach.

Think of the possibilities of having your own easy to use, full-featured planetarium at your disposal. Avoid the headache and expense of organizing a fieldtrip to an off-site planetarium. You can use your projection system as often as you need to cover your subject matter fully, and you can tailor your lessons to your students.

Digitarium systems offer advanced features to excite and engage your students. Zoom in on and label any object; demonstrate annual motion; display constellations from many cultures ; and much more. The system's vast capabilities make it relevant for audiences of all ages. Project your own content on any subject.

Affordable and flexible, a Digitarium digital planetarium system will revolutionize your astronomy teaching.

Digitarium systems are available in either a portable or fixed configuration.

Distinctive Benefits of Digitarium Systems

A number of features make our Digitarium system stand apart from other digital planetarium systems:

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