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Two Lighter Portable Models Announced

: Two new model iterations are being introduced which shrink planetarium system size and weight for easier portable use. The new Digitarium Kappa Portable 2 and Digitarium Epsilon Portable 2 models are each almost 1/3 lighter than the originals without sacrificing projection quality. The Kappa Portable 2 further benefits from a significant price reduction. See our full portable lineup.

Nightshade NG Released

: Nightshade NG is now released for Digitarium digital planetarium systems. All new systems are shipping with Nightshade NG Professional or Basic editions. All Digitarium users are encouraged to upgrade either for free (OP5 or newer systems) or by taking advantage of our special limited time upgrade pricing.

Digitarium Iota Value Increases

: As technology has improved we have been able to reduce the price on the Digitarium Iota quite significantly. The world's smallest turnkey digital planetarium system is now an even better value.

Nightshade NG Professional Beta Released

: Digitalis has just released the first Beta version of Nightshade NG Professional, our all-new universe simulation software for our Digitarium planetarium systems. This is a large milestone — four years in the making — which adds incredible levels of realism and power without compromising the ease of use we are known for. We are planning for the first full release in mid 2016.

Take a tour of Nightshade NG

  • Digitalis customers with OP5 or newer operating platforms can contact support for their free upgrade kit.
  • Older customers, please contact sales for upgrade pricing.

New Zeta Basic Option Announced

: A lower cost, lighter, but more limited Digitarium Zeta Portable configuration will be available shortly. Choose which option best fits your intended use and budget.

PASS Curricula for Digitarium Systems Announced

: All systems now include a license for a complete set of PASS Curricula for Digitarium Systems. These are expected to ship in mid-2015 and include Augmented Lessons ideal for use with our Universal Console interface.

Nightshade NG Professional Dome Preview Released

: Nightshade NG Professional Dome Preview is now available to select Digitarium users, allowing user feedback from our new software from planetarium users.

Nightshade NG PR3 Released

: Nightshade NG Preview Release 3 is now available.

Digitalis Introduces an Enhanced Digitarium® Delta Digital Planetarium Model

: Digitalis introduces the Digitarium Delta 3.

Digitalis Introduces the World's Smallest Turnkey Digital Planetarium

: Digitalis introduces the Digitarium Iota.

Improvements Announced for Digitalis Domes

: Digitalis inflatable domes now include StayFLATE™ technology and stay inflated indefinitely even with the door open and unattended.

Announcing theÆthos for Fixed Domes

: The Æthos for fixed domes is a large jump in resolution (2.5k) at a fraction of the typical expense.

US orders now include a copy of "Everyone's Universe: A Guide to Accessible Astronomy Places (Second Edition)."

: You can also order the book separately from our Accessories Shop.

Read more.

Digitalis Inflatable Dome Production Moving to US

: Digitalis is proud to announce that it is moving Digitalis inflatable dome production to its headquarters in the United States. Among many benefits from this change, one is a significant reduction in prices.

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Legal Precedent in Digitalis Case Reduces Federal Procurement Accountability

: Digitalis challenged the government in a recent precedent-setting federal bid protest lawsuit (Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. vs. US). Unfortunately the new precedent is a blow to insuring competitive bidding and makes it much harder to hold federal agencies accountable for improper procurement practices.

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New Digitarium Delta 2 Model Announced

: The new highly affordable Digitarium Delta 2 model will begin shipping in March. Be sure to get your orders in soon as intial quantities are limited.

Nightshade 12 Previews Available

: Digitalis is hard at work on a large revamp of Nightshade, the simulation software that we lead development on and use in all Digitarium systems. New preview screenshots have been posted showing how the work on Earth's atmosphere and a terrain engine (topography and high resolution satellite imagery) are coming along. Learn more about Nightshade.

Longer Three Year Warranty Now Standard

: Digitarium planetarium systems and Digitalis domes now come standard with a three year limited warranty with an extended five year warranty option available. We design our systems to last, and this is just one of the many ways we stand behind our products.

First Annual LIPS Symposium a Success

August, 2011: The Live Interactive Planetarium Symposium, organized and hosted by Digitalis was a great success. We had over 30 attendees focused on the challenges and best practicies for live planetarium shows. Stay tuned for more details and future directions.

Kid Friendly LED Light Pointer Introduced

July 2011: Introducing the exclusive Digitalis LED light pointer, a professional kid-friendly (no LASER) pointer solution for planetaria.

Digitarium Systems Can Control Cove Lighting Systems

July, 2011: Our Universal Console control interface now supports basic control of select cove lighting systems. The Universal Console is a web-application control interface for Digitarium systems that supports controlling your Digitarium from an iPad or computer. Cove lighting can be controlled from scripts as well on these systems.

New Digitarium® Digital Planetarium Systems Announced

: Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. proudly announces the addition of two new models to the company’s market-leading line of Digitarium® digital planetarium systems.

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Digitalis Begins Shipping Powerful New Interface for Digitarium® Planetarium Systems

: Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce that it has shipped the first orders of the Digitarium Universal Console™ planetarium control interface. The Universal Console interface is a cross-platform, web-based application that enables users to easily control their Digitarium planetarium systems over a wired or wireless network.

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Digitarium Digital Planetarium Systems Now Even More Affordable

: Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce significant price reductions in it's Digitarium Gamma and Epsilon models, a benefit of increasing economies of scale from our high value, high volume business model.

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Nightshade Open Source Planetarium Project Launched

: Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the official launch of Nightshade(TM), open source astronomy simulation and visualization software specifically tailored to digital planetarium and educator use.

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Digitarium Delta Digital Planetarium System Announced

: Announcing the Digitarium Delta digital planetarium system, the sixth model in the company's best-selling Digitarium line.

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New Software Platform Announced for Digitarium Digital Planetarium Systems

: A new software platform for the market-leading Digitarium line of digital planetarium systems is being introduced. This new platform offers increased flexibility for media display and manipulation, as well as support for off-center projection.

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Digitarium Epsilon Announced

: A new, higher resolution Digitarium system is being introduced, the Digitarium Epsilon. This offers the highest resolution projection of any Digitarium system to date with a projection angle ideal for fixed domes.

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Digitarium Gamma Announced

: A new, higher resolution Digitarium system is being introduced, the Digitarium Gamma. This offers the highest quality projection of any Digitarium system to date.

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New Products Introduced

: New products include enhanced Digitalis inflatable dome models, a fixed version of the best selling Digitarium Alpha 2, and a new two lamp Digitarium Alpha 2+ model for fixed domes up to 17m/56 feet in diameter.

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Lease to Own Program Now Available

Our products are now even more affordable with our lease to own program! Spread your payments out over multiple budget years.

Contact us for details. US customers only, with credit approval.

Digitarium Alpha 2 System Released

: The second generation Digitarium Alpha 2 model is now shipping, replacing the best selling Digitarium Alpha. Read more

Powerful Scripting Feature Added to Digitarium Alpha Planetarium Projector

: Read more.

Stellarium Desktop Planetarium Software Makes Astronomy Accessible to Anyone

: Read more.

Digitarium Alpha Price Increase Coming

Effective July 15th, 2005 the Digitarium Alpha projector will increase in price to $17,750 US. This increase will make it easier for us to enhance and expand our product features. For example, we are well along in development of a scripting feature which will allow customers to record their own shows with an audio track at a desktop computer and play these back in the projector. Automate common segments or script sequences that just aren't possible manually.

We still offer the most affordable digital planetarium system in the world, period.

Now Accepting Orders from Canada and Europe

Here is the press release.

Updated Astronomy Lesson Plans Published

December 29, 2004

We have recently published our 12 free astronomy lesson plans with added activities. Lesson plans are now available in RTF (Rich Text Format) for easy modification using any modern word processor. Our goal is to encourage the teaching of astronomy. In furthering this goal, we will be happy to help distribute modifications, translations, or other original lesson plans from our website. We created a press release to increase awareness of this resource.

Press Coverage

December, 2004

We were covered in two different columns in the Planetarian, the quarterly journal of the International Planetarium Society (pp. 36-37, 48-49). "For the price, it's a cute little system--and an opportunity to bring the digital universe anywhere at an affordable cost," writes Jim Manning of the Taylor Planetarium.

Improvements Announced to Digitarium Alpha Projector

November 12, 2004

We are excited to announce that the Digitarium Alpha projector now has improved optics for greater projection sharpness and brightness. We have also added a video-in port for projecting from a separate computer if desired. Both of these features are also available as upgrades to existing customers.

Recent software updates include precession of the equinoxes, better magnitude delineation for stars and planets, and the ability to display planet trails against the stars to better illustrate retrograde motion. Software updates are a simple, automated process.

Here is the press release.

Price Increase for Digitarium Alpha Projector

August 11, 2004

Due to increased component costs we are raising the price of our Digitarium Alpha planetarium projector. After our current stock is depleted, the price will be $15,750.00 USD. Even with this increase, the Digitarium Alpha is still by far the most cost effective turnkey digital planetarium projector available.

Free Astronomy Curricula Published

June 16, 2004

We have published a set of 12 original astronomy curricula on our website, free for anyone to use. We hope you find these valuable, and welcome your suggestions and comments.

Updated Website Design

April 21, 2004

We have added some new sections and content to our website to make it easier to locate the information you are looking for. Please let us know if you have any feedback for us.

Press Coverage

March, 2004

The Digitarium Alpha projector was mentioned in Astronomy magazine (p. 94) and in the Planetarian (pp. 27-28, 53-54).

Digitalis Portable Domes Now Available

December, 2003

We are excited to announce that we now carry a full line of Digitalis portable planetarium domes. Compared to silver STARLAB® domes, these domes are lighter weight, cost less, resist pin-holes, come in a selection of colors, and can be printed with your logo or artwork. With no cumbersome entrance tunnel they are also much easier to enter and exit, require less space to set up, and allow projection over the entire dome.

Digitarium Alpha Projector Announced

November 12, 2003

Here is the press release. We first demonstrated the projector at the ASTC Convention, November 7th.

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